[ C++ Project ] Wifi eSpy

Wifi-eSpy is a tool for Windows (vista onwards at this point) to facilitate in the detection, planning and surveying of wifi networks. Whilst certainly not the only tool available, wifi eSpy is designed to incorporate aspects of other tools. Wifi-eSpy includes the ability to:

Detect and list networks in chronological order, or as “active” stations.
Communicate over USB with most garmin GPS devices.
Present a user with a moving map, either street, satellite or hybrid views – courtesy of Google (internet connection required).
Or allow the user to import a custom map (i.e. office interior map)
Represent network coverage as image overlay on Map image (find dead zones in your coverage)
Roughly triangulate, and estimate as to the location of detected access points (AP’s).
Provide chronological log-file support (i.e. the ability to save a scan).
Multiple, simultaneous wifi adapter support. (great for directional antennae).

My question to everyone out there is what additional features, if any, would you like to see on such an application?

Direct-x 9.0c or greater
Windows Vista or greater (XP will be supported later on)

Earlier development screenshot:

Later development screenshot:

5th July 2013:
I have attached the source code as-is. It is a work in progress that I just dont seem to be getting around to. I have wanted to rather utilize mobile phones for their GPS abilities rather than garmin-type devices.

[ C++ Code ] Win_32_Handler.cpp (Entry Point)
[ C++ Code ] Wifi_eSpy_MAIN.cpp
[ C++ Code ] WifiScannerModule.cpp
[ C++ Code ] StructuresandDefines.h
[ C++ Code ] DirectXFunctions.cpp
[ C++ Code ] Communicationscpp.cpp

[ .RAR ] VS11 Project Files (8.7 MB)
[ .ZIP ] win32_Wifi_eSpy.exe (81.1KB)


~ by Rhys Mossom on November 29, 2012.

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